My blog has a Nokia app.

So I wrote my first Asha app for the Nokia Asha program which is a free app that loads in the rss feed from my blog.

It was pretty easy to get it setup and running.

I already have 210+ downloads internationally, for my blog app which reads the latest posts.

Who knew free apps have so many downloads to quickly.

I can see why emerging markets might be a huge attraction for developers.

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Cupcake Match available on Window 8 App Store.

After three weeks learning how to build a Windows 8 App and going through the store submission process I finally have a Windows 8 app in the store.

I can now say that CupCake Match a game for matching is now supported on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows 8. You can download the game here on your Microsoft Surface Tablet.

It was a very difficult process like anything Microsoft and there wasn’t any real intuitive way to figure out how to build or run certain aspects of the development process.

Microsoft is however helpful as to what I was missing during my app submission process and what I needed to still work on. In result, I had to search the web for in order to build a Windows 8 app.

Getting setup is half the problem, you need to have Express Studio 2012 for Windows 8 or 7. It was tricky navigating on Windows 8 and getting used to the new interface. Express Studio however is a bit buggy at times, and requires a lot of memory and CPU use.

I’m proud I accomplished this Widows Feat, I have been loyal to Microsoft even though I have kind of a love / hate relationship with their software. I was even a power Zune user at one time. Anyway just glad so say I’m a Microsoft App Developer now.